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Book Review: Wings of Fire Book 3

   Wings of Fire Book Three 

                                                    By Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire book three is probably the best of all the ones I have.


The first and second one were fun, but there are only a f…

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Mid-Winter Doldrums

The holiday period has passed, although with little of the usual fanfare. The lack of in-person socialization opportunities due to the pandemic is weighing on all of us. In terms of education, I find that the biggest impact for our learner is on second language acquisition. Grammar exercises and vid…

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Democracy under Threat

Sometimes events provide lessons that must be seized in the moment. The example of an American president encouraging a mob to assault a co-equal branch of government is one of those events. The opportunity to discuss loss & victory in an election, a peaceful transition of power, legal codes, and fou…

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Around the World in 80 Days (or less)

Report from the doldrums

Every four years, the IMOCA class sailboats embark on an epic adventure racing solo, without stops, around the world. The race is called the Vendée Globe. The boats themselves are technological wonders, with the fastest foiling versions capable of speeds nearing 30 knots. …

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Rethinking School as We Re-imagine Society

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in a panel hosted by the American Institute of Architects New England as part of their annual design awards event. We had a diverse group of thoughtful people engaged in thinking about how the pandemic pushes us to re-think the work of architects and t…

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School's back in session

While we don't tightly conform to the annual school year calendar, the arrival of Labor Day often marks key changes for our family. The annual agricultural fairs were cancelled this year, but those events mark the shift from long summer days and extra liberty to more structured weekdays in our house…

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Welcome from the Wild Learner!


There are so many things to explore! There will be competitions soon. Maybe in a few weeks in our blog. Like for drawing, writing, and more!( Not to mention specific topics.) Wait there's more, the gallery if you were wondering, is a place where …

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Homeschooling vs. School from Home: influences from remote-schooling during a pandemic

August has arrived. For experienced homeschoolers, the later days of summer don’t carry the same meaning as they do for those families with children in traditional schools. However, this year, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, circumstances are different for all families. Homeschooling groups …

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Class year & Curriculum Selection for Homeschooling

One of the tremendous challenges for homeschooling families is finding suitable curricular resources. In jurisdictions with stringent requirements for student progression, choosing resources acceptable to the authorities remains key to successfully navigating the bureaucratic elements of the homesch…

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The Adventure

This is a quick post, simply to get started on this journey. We’re building this site to help make it easier for our wild learner to take her learning anywhere she goes. We’re sharing this stuff with the world to help other families as they embark on their own learning adventures, wherever those may…

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